What is REXIclub?

Welcome to REXIclub...

The purpose of this site is to introduce introverts and introverted people to the principles of self management, making it easier to earn more income, in particular creating a network of motivated buyers and participants.

By the end of this introduction you’ll know the 2 most important things that it takes for any introvert to be successful in a Network Marketing Company AND a tool to help you get there. Lets not wast time, here they are:


1: Being able to recruit recruiters and consumers

2: Being able to buy a monthly product for 1 year.

Tool: REXIclub is the tool to help you get there!


Just a little about myself:


My name is Max. My alias is REX. If you observe that they both end in “X” you are right! I have 30 years of MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) experience. I am a successful business owner. Currently I am still happily married 38 years with 6  children and 6 grandchildren, with many more to follow! Recently I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and it has caused me to redefine the next phase in my life–helping people make more money so that they can spend more time doing the things they love.

You may or may not become a multi-level-marketer, but we have some important principles or concepts that can be used anywhere.


I can teach you what to do, and you can do the job, or I can teach you the principles and you can do anything!

Minimum Investment + Minimum Consistent Effort = Maximum Benefits

This site is dedicated to giving you the principles and tools to help you become successful. All of our contributors focus on the Great Value formula… Maximum Benefits with Minimum Consistent Effort. Sign up for the FREE 3 Day Recruiting Challenge and get started TODAY!