3 Behaviors and 3 Actions that Drive a MLM Business Machine

Over the past 10 plus years as a MLM distributor, I gained a lot of clarity in what makes MLM distributors successful. Talking to and listening to the most successful leaders I made a list of 3 behaviors and 3 actions that are most important to make your MLM business successful:

3 Behaviors

giving a tomato basket

Put out more than you take (Generosity)

Always be giving value. People can tell when you are genuine. Outrageous claims of fast cars and yachts are enticing but anybody can charter or lease these for marketing. I have always wondered – “If they were making so much, why are they wasting time recruiting, instead of retiring?” I have enough now, but I know there are others who need help to figure it out.


Have a vision of what things will look like in the future
(Goal Setting)

Most people can’t imagine what there tomorrow will look like. Some people start visioning 10 years out, then break that down year by year, month to month, and even weekly and daily. Most successful people have a plan. If you don’t, its time to do some reading and self evaluation.

jumping over a deep crevase

Get rid of the fear of rejection and other self-limitations (Fearlessness)

The fears we don’t face become our limits. Learn to do the things you are afraid of and find ways to control your rears or to limit its power over your objective.

3 Actions

fast red car

Find a Good Company
(The Vehicle and Engine)

Joining a company that is honest and does the hard work of manufacturing and shipping is key. They handle all the main problems

gear shifter

Enroll New People Regularly
(The Gears that Drive Your Wheels)

If you want to move the car you’ll need a transmission that moves the power to the wheels. Want to go faster, get more gears. Early model car transmissions had one or two gear speeds. You could travel at an amazing speed of 25 mph. Now you can get up to 12 gears in some super car transmissions and can go over 300 mph. One thing to remember, you’ll don’t have to enroll everyone, eventually someone else will.

gas station pump

Recurring Monthly Auto-ship Sales to Customers
(Fuel for the Engine)

Consumable products are best at creating recurring sales. If you have to inventory and distribute, its like putting sand in your engine, it eventually wears down and stops. Find products that to ship directly to the customer, are consumable and add value to peoples lives and you will have success.

Build a Foundation before You Enroll

One common theme of the most successful distributors or leaders was they started with a foundation network of like-minded people. Generous, goal setting, fearless leaders that were “all in” and had visions aligned with each other and the MLM company they were a part of.

Our goal at REXIclub is to help you build your foundation skills with a 3-day network building challenge any introvert can accomplish.

Over the next 3 days you will receive three self paced challenge emails:

  • Build your network – by inviting people to the REXI club 3 Day Challenge
  • Clear your vision – Set some achievable goals
  • Remove self-imposed limitations – Self Confidence Training

By the end of this sequence:

  • You will have at least 2 committed partners .
  • Know that you can achieve what you set your mind to.
  • Learn how to remove and manage any fear.

When you have completed the mini course, you will have been officially initiated into the REXIclub and for now as a new member it is completely FREE.

The best part is you will have enough confidence to join a MLM or know that it’s probably not for you without spending a dime.

You’ll also have some basic business knowledge that you can use in your employment or other endeavor you try.

So go ahead, enroll today!

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