On Fear and Business

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On Fear and Business…

Fear is such a common feeling when you’re starting a business, growing a business, even doing something new in your business.

What if I can’t figure it out? What if I fail? What if no one goes for it? What if I suck? What if I embarrass myself? What if I can’t make it work? What if, what if, what if?

Add to that brand new fears associated with the pandemic and recent economic downturn.

Altogether, fear can be one of the biggest entrepreneurial “stoppers” and cause a lot of unnecessary suffering. It can stand between you and your ability to make decisions, take actions, feel clear, know what you want, etc.

But it’s possible to USE that fear to transform your business — AND you IN your business.

Below are 4 fears that commonly get in our way and how to shift them to bring good so that you become unstoppable!


1. Fear of Being Judged. Needing approval from family or peers or clients or prospects can keep you from going after dreams and goals. Which means, you’ll never achieve them. Boo!

Every time you catch yourself (and you’ll have to be diligent!), remind yourself out loud that your opinion of yourself is what counts. Look yourself in the mirror or put your hand on your heart and say “I heartily approve of me!”

2. Fear of Rejection. This fear can stop you from making sales calls, sending out newsletters, following up, making offers — all the basics of doing business.

But rejection just means that someone else has a different objective. Rejection is just no. That’s all. The stories we tell ourselves about WHY is what makes rejection feel bad. Let rejection be an opportunity to tell yourself a DIFFERENT story. A better story. And see where that story takes you and your business.

Believe it or not, as a business owner, you WANT rejection. It’s a statistical truth that only a certain percentage of people you talk to or write to will become clients. If you’re not experiencing rejection, you’re also not getting the clients.

3. Fear of Embarrassment. Imagine making a public mistake. Oh, the shame. Oh, the red face. Makes you want to hide under a rock and come out only at night when no one can see you. Actually, it makes you not want to try. Not want to be public. Just stay small, safe.

But you know what? Every time I’ve made a public mistake and acknowledged it, I get loads of emails saying things like “Glad I’m not the only one” or “No sweat, love your stuff anyway.” We cut each other so much more slack than we’re willing to cut ourselves. Ease up!

4. Fear of the Unknown. Doing something new can feel as scary as going to the moon or sailing by yourself in the middle of the ocean. Yikes!!! WHAT is going to happen?!

The reason you fear the unknown is that you tell yourself stories about the BAD things that might happen. What happened to the GOOD stories? The unknown can be exciting and vast when you shift your fear to curiosity.

So catch yourself feeling anxious about doing something you’ve never done. Say out loud, “I wonder what good is going to come of this…” and let your mind go searching for the GOOD.

Fear won’t leave. But you CAN lasso it with awareness, look it in the eye, wink, say, “Gotcha!” And then keep on moving.

To your brilliant success,

Linda Claire Puig


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