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Spinning Your Wheels

Spinning your wheels is something a lot of people do when they start a business. Trying to get off the ground seems like an easy enough thing to do, but if you move too quick, you will just spin your wheels…and go no where really fast. Its important to have a good grip on the road.

How does this translate into starting a business? Well, lets start by comparing a business to a car. A car needs a Driver to guide the vehicle just like a business needs an owner to guide it through problems and difficulties. The Driver’s most important job is to maintain the Engine
which provides a good or service.

Lots of people giving business advice will chat you up a wall about having good habits and spending 150% of your time working the business. But as I said before: this is not about moving quickly. It’s about moving forward.

Some people are made to run. They love running. They can’t stop running. They don’t know what would happen if they stopped running. But most of us like to drive and use the mechanism to leverage our efforts. Sometimes this takes time, just as most cars have many intricate systems built into it.

I have lived long enough to realize that I am not a runner. I don’t have the energy for it. I would rather maintain my car. I get to enjoy the scenery and get to many different places…and still have energy to enjoy them. I am a Driver, and I like it!

Oh yes, Spinning your wheels. So, decide on your plan. How long do you want to work, and how much? Its your choice, there is no wrong or right answer. But Decide now, and if you feel the need to change it later, that’s fine. Put your car in motion and then its easier to turn the wheel!

When making this decision, be aware of your needs; monetary needs, time commitment, personal health, and enjoyment. I have discovered that I need to live, and live happy, and to me that is more important than anything else.

I guess there are several answers here. This is Number 1 in my article series of ultimate answers! The other bullet points will have their own articles to better explain them.

  1. Don’t Spin your wheels. Going nowhere really fast is unhealthy and unproductive. Slow it down and make sure the systems you are making serve your purpose. When adding systems, be careful about applying them just because you are told to.
  2. Do something you love. Do not sacrifice your dreams for security. If you do, you will obtain security in the moment, but you may regret it. Is that sacrifice worth it?
  3. Determine what is holding you back. We are our own worst enemy; we must know ourselves.
  4. Make a plan. Share it with a friend or loved one and make it a priority.
  5. Keep moving forward. A Wall Starts with One Brick.

I hope these words help. I hope that you can find something useful in the mix, and move forward with your life. Thanks for visiting!

~Bob Dingo

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  1. Great article, It seems like when I am trying to get something done, I want to get it done now. Trying to break up the work over time is really hard for me. But sometimes my project is just too big to do it all at once. And I also find that sometimes when I take a break from what I am working on, I realize that there is a better way to go about it. Thanks for the great advice!

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