Stop Taking the Easy Way, Get Rid of the Safety Net, GO ALL IN

“Stop taking the easy way, get rid of the safety nets, go all in, do
or die and you will succeed,” was some advice I didn’t take a long time
ago. I just played it safe. You know… not taking the effort needed to
really succeed. I was the “Turtle,” slow and steady wins the race. Well
these days it seems to be, the ones who have the most followers are
those who say the craziest things or make the biggest results.
That’s why I’m going “ALL IN” do-or-die, all
in or bust. I feel like I’m jumping from a plane with only a class on
“How to Make a Parachute at 30,000 feet and Land Safely”

But wait, stop the press…. I’m an introvert, so I think I’ll just quit now and go back to my miserable life.

AHHH, I feel so much better now.

*?!!* #!#?#! COMMITMENT !!!

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