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REXIclub 3-day Build Your Network CHALLENGE

REXIclub is a coaching and recruiting platform. MLM’s generally teach you the metaphore of building an airplane after you jump off a cliff, (build it while you fail and fall). REXIclub recommends that you should at least understand basic principles of flight before you attempt building a plane to jump off a cliff with.

The 3 day challenge does this by teaching you 3 basic principles and the most important behavior, recruiting. We believe that if you can’t recruit and build a network, maybe you shouldn’t get involved with network marketing. There are lots of ways to make money, by using these personal principles, you’ll be able to be successful at whatever you choose to do.

With this 3 day challenge, you will be building your network of followers, before you start your new MLM business. As an extra bonus, you will learn 3 important mind-sets that will make you successful in anything you do.

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